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It's invading my vegetable garden! The joy of living on old land... you never know what you might dig up.

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Looks like a poppy to me.
sure is pretty though.
Anemone. The flower in early to late spring and yes, they're quite beautiful and are similar to Poppies.

They're often a cultivated perennial. But a 'weed' is defined as 'any plant out of place' and that is your call to make. So, if it's in the wrong place, get it out!
I did a little "research" online and had myself convinced that this was an oriental poppy. Boy! Was I ever surprised {and felt so stupid! ROFLOL!} when I pulled it up. Attached to the other end was a radish that decided to put all its effort into simply growing up and producing seed. Awh... live and learn! :)
Too funny Cathy
Radishes are part of the Brassicaceae family (Broccoli/Cauliflower for example) and have flowers that grow in as a raceme. They look nothing like what you have posted. Are you sure that's what you pulled up? I'm still convinced that's an Anemone you have a picture of. They are native in North America and are also frequently purchased as cultivated varieties.
Krystal, I'm with you and am this still has me wondering what exactly it is, LOL! Luckily, there are a few more popping up here and there so I've decided to allow them to grow {hopefully, I'll get to them before they seed!} so I can document, sketch, photograph and hopefully research it this winter.
I think this is Hibiscus trionum or Flower-of-an-Hour.
Oh Amy I think you are right. :D Interesting though they say Hibiscus trionum are annual flowers. But then so is a radish and it has a root ball.

Congratulations on solving Cathy's mystery.

The garden name for this is flower of an hour.(Hibiscus trionun)




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