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Landscaping Your New Swimming Pool

A large part of how your new swimming pool looks has to do with the area around it or the landscaping and the hardscaping. The term landscaping refers to the things in the dirt which includes plants, turf, large rocks, ground cover and mulching materials. The hardscape refers to the pergolas, patio area and other places that are used to sit on or around.



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Importance of Health and Wellness Outdoor areas are vital to the homeowners.  …


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Persimmon Tree - Fruit of the God's

Radio GardenTalk host, Mark Webber is guest blogger today.  Mark has introduced me to the persimmon tree, and I hope you will consider this as an addition to your landscape.


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Trends - Pick Purple

Give your garden a trendy look with purple foliage that can't be beat!…


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Get a Jump on Spring by Planting Seeds Indoors Now

The best part about late winter/early spring is starting your summer garden now by planting seeds indoors. It's a great feeling knowing how your plants started, but also the tremendous amount of money you save by starting your…


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Protecting My Outdoor Furniture

A friend of mine recently asked me what steps she should take regarding protecting her patio furniture from the weather now that the warm summer months are long gone. She was saying how in years past she simply leaves it out in the weather without any protection but she got tired of replacing a seat here and a cushion there every year or two. I never gave any thought to it since I’ve always made a habit out of putting my outdoor furniture away the first cool weekend of autumn.…


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Yes or No on Polywood Furniture?

I’m currently in the market for some new patio furniture. My current outdoor chairs have seen better days; I think it going to be just easier and a little more cost effective to buy new instead of trying to repair them. I’ve seen a few places running clearances and sales on sets so I thought now is as good a time as any.

As I was doing some research, I came across a few people extolling poly-wood furniture. There really wasn’t too much information out there but what I found sounds…


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Answering some Questions on Summer & Fall Blooming Bulbs

This year I decided to forgo my usual vegetable garden and go with a flower garden instead. I had a few naysayers but I think that’s because they liked eating my excess veggie bounty. The first thing I learned is that flower gardening is a little different than vegetable gardening, especially for a beginner like me.

As I was searching for bulb planting tips I came across this post* on how to handle summer blooming bulbs and fall blooming bulbs. I thought maybe some of you could find…


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Blog Update

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The Old Wives Tale Just For Fun!

I wrote a little bit ago about the old guy down the street Mr. Buse was his name that used to put plain Jane sugar on his lawn like a fertilizer.  The bottom line is that he had the greenest lawn in town and I still do this every year!  Guess what?  My lawn is just a shade or two greener that both of my neighbor's and they really really work hard on theirs.  Nope won't tell em but I just told you and I guess they don't read the bad.

So e-mail me right now and share your old…


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Trying to Breathe Life into my Dead Lawn

How’s everyone doing this warm July day? I don’t know about you but I LOVE this hot weather. I’d take the 90 degree temperatures over the cold and snow any day. Even though it is super hot out, you can still get various chores done around the yard or in the garden in the morning and evening hours at least. When it’s…


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What is that Drip?

That isn’t the sound of the faucet at 3 am that is the sound of prudence, monetary savings and just doing things a bit more smartly. Drip irrigation is the wave of the future here today.  Cities are legislating in favor of drip irrigation for a reason.  Here in the Dallas area we were told that water resources are going to become more and more scarce as time goes on.  Much of this is because of the nature of living in Texas, perhaps climate change has something to do with it but a major…


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Ollas what?

Am I the last to hear about these things?  Fantastic for a raised veggie garden !  No they aren't new in fact they are very very old their name comes from an early Sanskrit term (ukhā  meaning “pot”).  They were introduced by the Spanish settlers in what is now the American Southwest for carrying and cooling of water and also for irrigation.  Ah now you can see where I am going with this thing. Made of un-glazed clay they have a seeping property to them that allows for the…


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8 ways to Save $$$$$$ on Your Gardening Habit

Gardening is relaxing but it sure can cost some bucks when you need it least.  I have put together a quick list with more to come.  Both supplies and plants are getting more and more expensive as time goes on.  Here are 8 ways to save money on your garden:

Craigslist- I have found many things both paid for and in the free…


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