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Hi! I have this lovely perennial that I lost the tag for and I'm not sure of it's name. I'm thinking it may be the "Star of Bethleham"??? Can anyone confirm or correct me on this. I'd sure appreciate your help! Thank you!



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Yes, you are right:)
PlantFiles: Star of Bethlehem, Nap at Noon, Snowdrop, Eleven-o'clock Lady, Sleepydick
Ornithogalum umbellatum
Wow! It goes by all those names??? Thanks so much, Anita! What is the "PlantFiles" that preceeds the names above? Is that a file one can research on this site? If so, how do I find it, please. :)
Hi Leslie,
PlantFiles is a part of Dave's Garden, I'm a member of, you can use it for free a few times a day, not sure on the amount of times though, but it is well worth the $20.00 a year I pay to be a member, they have all sorts of info, co-ops & plant/seed trading. HUGE garden site.
I just found this place today, so not sure what info is here to be had yet:)Anita
P. S another one not as good as Dave's but not real bad is Garden web, I am also a member of, that one is free 100%, If you decide to check either of them out, I am NYVOICES99 on both
Wonderful! I think I'll check out the free site. I'm on a disability pension so I have to be careful with my spending. I so appreciate you help with identifying my plant and for the web info. Thank you so much! I'll look for you on Garden Web. Happy Gardening!
When does this bloom? I think that I might have this in my garden too? I thought that it was it probably is if it has so many names.
Hi Erica! I took this photo about two weeks ago and the plant was at it's peak mid to late April after the snow was gone. I'm thinking it may not be the snowdrop...I had them years ago and they were very similar but much smaller with less leaves and a single flower, if I remember correctly. The leaves on this one (Star of Bethleham) spread out to about 10" from the centre of the plant and it has multiple flowers that branch out from the top half of a main stalk 10 to 12" high. Snow drops come up through the snow...this one doesn't. They must be closely related however. Hope this helps a little.
Ooooo! I have tons of this in my garden and had no idea what it was! Thank you! Erica, has been blooming for about a week now. Snowdrop is different, it is one of the first things to pop up in our northern gardens (mine bloomed in early March this year). I'm sure I've got it wrong, but snowdrop is "gallanthus" or something like that.
Yes, my flowers have just come out too. I inherited this as well. Thanks for clearing this up. I was never sure of the name.
This site is wonderful! It helps so much when several people come together to solve a mystery! Thanks all for your wonderful input. Happy Gardening! ;)
Hi Leslie, I would watch your Star of Bethlehem very carefully as it is very aggressive, believe me I speak of experience. You will soon find it popping up in your lawn etc. I still have a few plants in my garden but got rid of most of them. Another plant that I am trying to get rid of is the chinese lantern.

Happy Gardening.......AnnaSylvia13
Yes Leslie,
I found it in my lawn too and on the hillside and on the side of the driveway. I have no idea where it came from...was here before us I guess. And my sister-in-law has the same proble with her chinese lanterns too! Happy Gardening!
Hi Erica! Thanks for the "heads-up". How's your garden growing?

Happy gardening!.........Leslie




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