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I have a huge monster growing wisteria, that is at least 7 years old and not bloomed.  HELP


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wish i could help have the same problem
Brian, Maybe someone will help us, before I get the chain saw out.
OKay, just throwing out some suggestions, I'm guessing: Does it need feeding? Are the light levels right? Would it appreciate a prune? Is it properly supported? And is it old enough yet? My parents had a wisteria put in a while ago and were told to be PATIENT. 7 years was given as the wait period.

Mind you, there's a huge wisteria growing up the wall of the Pontifical Institute at the U of T and it thrives on nothing but neglect!
Thanks Jessica for the suggestions, It is in full sun and have fertilized, but not much, because with the huge amount of growth, sure it is a happy little camper. It is on a very heavy trellis, so plent of support. Have prune it little and have pruned it lot and no slowing down of this monster growing wisteria. Just no blooms.
you can see mine in my photo. and that was taken last of 2 purchased along with 2 trumpet vines , no blooms their either.some one told me to take a axe to the bottom trunk to stress it, and another told me to spread salt at the base. i tried to ht it a few times but dont want to kill it either. fyi mine are about 7 years also.
Might i suggest you prune it ,rather in the same manner as a vine..very hard ,back to about two buds of the years growth. In the UK I prune a friends Wisteria in the summer after the flowering and a flush of growth. The harder the pruning in mid growing season the more chance of getting flowering buds to form for the following year. My friend is always thrilled with the show she gets.




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